Jon Hamm, a Yeti and Houndstooth

You’d have to be a Yeti from Tibet to not know who Jon Hamm is, right?

Actually, scratch that. Even Yetis know who he is, as we discovered while lighting a Herman Dune music video shoot starring Hamm and—believe it or not—a cute, blue Yeti.

Our job for the shoot was to create a mystical, magical atmosphere in Austin’s Enchanted Forest. So we cranked up the fog and busted out some of our bad ass gear, giving shape to the space in our favorite way—with light!

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PRI: Mindfulness in Medicine

We’re wrapping up a fantastic course for medical insurance company PRI. While we can’t share the entire four hours of motion graphics, live action video production and interactive learning experiences, we can share some of the character work we’ve done for the project.

The course deals with doctor burnout and related issues. We set up an extended metaphor that draws parallels between doctors and pilots.

When it came to the rendering style of our avionic heroes, we opted for the Golden Era of Flying—the 1960s, when flight attendants were stewardesses, passengers wore their Sunday best and smoking was not only permitted, it was cool.

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We’re Houndstooth, and this is our blog. We’ll be sharing works in progress, inspirational gems from others and news about our studio here in Austin, Texas.

If you’re looking for a caffeine fix, you might try Houndstooth Coffee. If you’re looking for a portrait of your canine buddy—and you happen to live in Australia—check out Houndstooth Studio. (We have no connection to those businesses, we just share their good taste when it comes to names.)

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